Our Story

Photo Credit: The Sophia Co.


Hello! We are the Thacker Family, and we’re glad you took the time to stop by.

Like most folk, our love story with nature began when we were kids. I do have to admit that my love of and connection to nature is different than my husbands though. Let me explain. 

My husband interacted with nature through family trips and Scouts–typically spending his time challenging himself in nature and learning new skills. As for me, I was the casual, play-all-day at the beach and barefoot in the backyard kid who also got to do a lot of traveling by R.V. He gained valuable nature knowledge and skills; I developed a more emotional and spiritual connection to nature. While we took different routes getting here, we both value nature and all it has to offer us physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

We met while attending college at Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas and instantly knew we were a well-matched pair of individuals and fell in love. We got married, graduated, and moved out to our dream state: Colorado.

Right away, I jumped into the field of informal education at zoological organizations. It was there that I learned about and had the opportunity to implement ideas from the Children in Nature Movement. About 5 years into my career and two children later, I realized I wanted more time with my own kids and left my formal job. Fortunately for us, just a week later, my husband got offered a job with our friends on Oahu. Temporarily uprooting our lives and trading the mountains for beaches sounded like an adventure we couldn’t say no to.

Hawaii was a beautiful, easy place for us to begin developing outdoor habits as a family. We were barefoot everywhere and the mild weather made outdoor time a breeze. We literally never ran out of new places to explore whether it be forests, beaches, gardens or farms. It was there that I started a small forest group for like-minded parents and doing so exercised and solidified my passion for kids in nature. There was no way that this desire to have my kids spend regular, unstructured time in nature (and to spread this idea to friends) was just a phase; It was a deep value of mine.

So, fast-forward to May 2019. We had just returned from our year on Oahu, and I was seriously missing island life. I knew I needed a way to continue to dive into my passion of getting kids into nature, but I also wanted to keep an open and flexible schedule for my family. Having professionally worked with kids in nature, and having managed a couple forest groups as well as an instagram account featuring my girls spending time outdoors in Hawaii–I was ready for a new challenge. I loved the outdoors, I enjoyed taking and editing photos, and I was passionate about spreading the word that kids need nature. Now, what would I do next? And that was when–TADA!–this brand idea was born. 

I’m a regular indulger in outdoor brands like Patagonia, Toad & Co., and Keep Nature Wild for myself. When looking for nature-themed clothing for my children, I found there just wasn’t much around. I wanted solid messaging and less gender stereotyping. I especially wanted some “girl empowerment” messaging as well. I thought it would be amazing to spread our “wild values” effortlessly through our fashion.

So, I got to work and began designing shirts, looking for printers, setting up our social media profiles, and making our website. It has been a whirlwind of researching. learning, and implementing, but it’s also been incredibly rewarding. My husband has supported me through several frustrating tech issues and has been my biggest encourager in this process.

Not only do we want to help spread the Children in Nature Movement, we also want to have a personal impact in the movement. As of September 19th, 2019, These Kids Are Wild is donating a portion of each sale to the National Park Foundation. Find out more…

So, here we are, sharing our hearts for kids in nature in the form of shirts.

We hope you will join us on this journey and in this movement of getting kids back into nature. We need to “Spread the Wild.” Our children and future generations depend on it. We believe our shirts can help.