Our Children

Photo Credit: The Sophia Co.

Now for the real stars of the show who are just living their best lives as I capture their moments on camera—our daughters!

While my passion for getting kids in nature began before they were born, having these girls really solidified everything I’d learned and this little life has been such an adventure with them.

Our oldest loves exploring rocky beach outcroppings, climbing banyan trees and climbing steep, rainforest trails in Hawaii. She’s a cautious tree climber who consistently, slowly, and intelligently pushes her limits as she grows. She loves the ocean and twirling in the rain. In Colorado, you’ll find her exploring creeks and streams or free climbing rocky canyon walls (not super steep ones of course).

Our youngest is a lover of animals, mud, and flowers. She gently holds and talks to all bugs—grasshoppers, ants, cockroaches, beetles, everything! Once she was so concerned about an earwig struggling in water that she saved him even though she knew she might get pinched. And she did. Anywhere there’s mud, you’ll find her covered in it. She makes the most perfect round mud balls.

Seeing them develop and grow wild has been incredibly beautiful and inspiring.

We hope you will join us on this journey and in this movement of getting kids back into nature. We need to “Spread the Wild.” Our children and future generations depend on it. We believe our shirts can help.